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Land Development 

Land Owners listen up. We have been able to increase the value of large acreage lots for the owner. We do this by partnering with the land owner to turn a large plot of land into smaller more profitable lots. Often times large sections of land is less valuable because of the limited demand from farmers, ranchers and developers. Many families are priced out even with a low cost per acre. By dividing the land into smaller acreage lots we can dramatically increase the demand from individual buyers. This typically increases the value per acre and puts more equity &/or money in the owners pocket.  


Drengr Solutions has been assisting corporations in subdividing and maximizing value from their land. Now we are offering this service to the public. Our goal is to offer the blue collar landowners of Colorado the same advantages large land development companies enjoy. We have assembled a team of surveyors, real estate attorneys, water rights attorneys, zoning specialists and city planning coordinators to streamline the process. 

Once the lots are legally recognized by the Assessor's Office, we have the equipment and knowhow to cut roads and build fences to further increase the lands value. We are a home building company and a fully licensed General Contractor so we have you covered no matter how far you want to develop your property.

Steps in the Process
  • Owner desires to maximize the value of their property.

  • Owner educated themselves on the process of land development & contacts us.

  • We schedule a property walk and start and gather preliminary data on the property. (1 week)

  • Property walk with owner and discuss development ideas and expectations.

  • We generate a proposal and present it to the property owner. (1 week)

  • Our team goes to work for you.

  • Water Rights attorney works with Colorado Division of Water Resources to get enough water allocated for the projected lots. (4 weeks)

  • If zoning changes are needed we request the change and then talk with neighbors and the surrounding community about how it is beneficial to them as well so that they support the change. (6-12 Months)

  • Our surveyors develop a site plan and stake the new lots on the ground. (3 weeks)

  • After zoning approval (if needed) we submit site plans, water allocation & zoning documentation to the Assessor's Office for approval. Once approved, the new lots are legally recognized and become individually transferable. (6 weeks)

  • We apply for address assignment through the Assessor's Office (3 weeks)

  • We apply for well permits on your behalf for each lot (5 weeks) Lots with approved well permits are more valuable.

  • We market the newly established lots to other builders and individuals if desired.

On average it takes us 23 weeks to have a single plot broken into smaller lots if we do not have to change the Zoning of the land. 


Zoning changes take anywhere from 6 months to over a year to change the zoning and are not guarranteed to happen. 

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